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Mecofence is a professional composite fence supplier in Foshan China

Mecofence New Fence Basement Design

作者: |九月 18th, 2017|未分类|

In order to increase the bearing of heavier wind load, we will not apply welding on our basement, because it is not firm enough when meeting storms. Moreover, we redesigned the basement a bit and increase some reinforcements which can

Alibaba Super September Purchasing is Coming

作者: |九月 12th, 2017|未分类|

From 20th Sept to 19th Oct, alibaba will invite 5000 suppliers in different industries to attend this event. As a supplier in wpc for almost 10 years and with a trade assurance coverage level over 110,000 USD, we are in the list of best quality suppliers. Coupon, discounts and free gifts will be offered during the promotion. Please contact our sales for more information. More surprises are coming.  

New Wood Plastic Composite Fence Design

作者: |八月 28th, 2017|未分类|

Based on the former fence system, we are now working on a new design. We would like to make our fence have a convex and concave appearance which we will name them swoop design and curve design.You can check some

Wood plastic composite electric fence gate

作者: |八月 21st, 2017|未分类|

Hereby, we kindly recommended our new product in mecofence system and it is our wpc electric fence gate. This electric fence gate is suitable for the main gate or car gate of a house. The installation is similar to traditional

Second Station of Euro Business Trip – Austria

作者: |八月 15th, 2017|未分类|

We visited our another new client in Austria for wpc decking and fencing products. They showed us some projects they did in local markets. We displayed our developed products to our clients and we spent happy hours together. Hereby, we

Finland Business trip

作者: |八月 8th, 2017|未分类|

As the 4th year cooperation anniversary with our Finland client, we are now in the business trip to Finland for a visiting. We will check out some wpc projects and discuss the new products and cooperation direction with our

Fences sold well in local market

作者: |七月 17th, 2017|未分类|

Fences sold well in local market Our Mecofence were designed according to the demands of foreign clients, and it is a bit beyond our expectations for the hot sales in local market. A lot of local clients loves our designs

New catalog for Mecofence

作者: |六月 12th, 2017|未分类|

MexyTech Mecofence New catalog for Mecofence We are now working on the new edition of Mecofence catalog. Right now, you can find more information from our catalog: 1, more project photos 2, reasons why choosing Mecofence 3, more accessories for fence system 4, more certificates for different applications. 5, more fence designs

Fence Project Icon in Australia

作者: |六月 5th, 2017|未分类|

Another Fence Project Icon in Australia. Right now, we are looking for business partner for our FENCE PRODUCTS. If you need some information on our products, please find MexyTech or Mecofence Now. 

Looking for business partner for fence and decking pedestal system

作者: |五月 15th, 2017|未分类|

MexyTech are now sincerely looking for business partner for our wood plastic composite products, especially for wpc fence and decking pedestal system. For our win-win partners, MexyTech promise: 1, strict market sale protection 2, competitive price 3, designs on catalog