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Mecofence is a professional composite fence supplier in Foshan China

Wish you having a new year

作者: |二月 11th, 2018|未分类|

The Chinese New Year(Year of the Dog) near the corner, we will be on holiday from 15th to 23st Feb and the factory will be off from 9th to 26th Feb. Our sales will be on work during the holiday. Therefore

MexyTech annual symposium

作者: |二月 6th, 2018|未分类|

Last week, MexyTech company held the 9th annual symposium and wish a new starting for 2018. Nice meal, great performance, playing games together made everyone having a nice time. Hope in the coming 2018, we can develop more wpc products

Creative Rewards of Wood Plastic Composite Fence

作者: |一月 23rd, 2018|未分类|

Because of the patent and beautiful designs, our mecofence products were invited to a design competition by MIC (one of famous listed companies). Through the harangue, our wpc fence design passed overall program evaluation consistently. Finally we beat most of

Composite wood production arrangement before Chinese New Year

作者: |一月 15th, 2018|未分类|

The Chinese New Year is near the corner, we will be on holiday from 15th to 23st Feb and the factory will be off from 9th to 26th Feb. When closer to the holiday, shipping and transport will be more

Thailand Trip

作者: |一月 9th, 2018|未分类|

Because of the sales revenue breakthrough, our company organized a Thailand trip for our sales department. We visited some Thai clients and some wood plastic composite projects we did in Thailand. Through this trip, we get some advice for further

Sincerely Greeting from MexyTech – Merry Christmas

作者: |十二月 25th, 2017|未分类|

MexyTech wish you have a nice holiday with ones you love and a happy new year.

Company sales department Thailand Travel

作者: |十二月 5th, 2017|未分类|

Due to the sales achievement, our sales department will take the advantage of the Christmas holiday and organize a holiday trip to Thailand. On our trip, we will visit some places of interests, meet some business clients and check some

New Packing for MexyTech WPC Products

作者: |十一月 28th, 2017|未分类|

Considering the damages caused easily by LCL, we decided to upgrade our packing and provide some suggestions on packing. We suggest 2.2 meters long and carton/pallet packing for LCL orders. For the full container, we will use air bags and

Why choose Mecofence?

作者: |十一月 22nd, 2017|未分类|

1, Bearing 10 gale strong wind. - metal structure system is strong like the iron man - not only inland, but also suitable for coastal area. 2, For the ones love outdoor lives - only 6 steps for fence installation

New Fence Installation Guide

作者: |十一月 13th, 2017|未分类|

Because the old fence installation guide can not display some details clearly, some clients may be a little confused on the side cover installation and the installation on the spacer accessories. Therefore, we uploaded an new edition showing some more